Cordgienic Antibacterial Cord

Cordgienic Antibacterial Cord

Cordgienic – the cleaner cord pull solution

  • Cordgienic offers a hygienic, anti-bacterial alternative to traditional nylon pull cords that represents a major step forward in infection control.
  • Cordgienic is plastic coated making it easy to clean and less prone to breakage. What’s more, the plastic coating itself offers inherent anti-bacterial properties to further reduce infection risks.
  • Cordgienic costs around the same as traditional nylon cord, yet it continues to protect patients and prevent infections month after month, without the regular replacement required for contaminated nylon cords.
  • Cordgienic is available in white for lights or orange for emergency calls, in a range of lengths to suit your needs.




Nylon cord


Will not absorb fluids

Absorbs fluids

Bacterial resistance

Built in anti-bacterial properties

No anti-bacterial properties

Ease of cleaning

Can be easily cleaned

Hard to clean


Does not need replacing

Needs regular replacement


Resists breakage in normal use

Breaks easily in normal use


Comparable with nylon cord

Rises with each replacement



Choose Diameter

1.8mm 3.2mm

Choose Colour

Choose Length


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