Insulation Materials

High quality electrical insulation materials and flexible films. Materials include highly effective Nomex®, Kapton® and Mylar® products as well as a range of flexible insulation papers, tapes and fabrics.

Flexible Laminates

Novoflex LG 0.4 mm is constructed from layers of silicone impregnated micapaper. These are combined with woven glass fabric for increased tear strength. Novaflex LG 0.4 mm is tough,...

HT850 Glass Woven Tape

Sleeve It HT850 is manufactured using a fine plain weave of S glass yarn. The woven tape can be used up to temperatures of 750°C whilst still retaining a high level of mechanical and electrical...

Nomex Paper

Nomex Paper is a flexible, high temperature insulation material.  PRICE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

H1015 Woven polyester Tape

Woven polyester tape is heat bonded 100% polyester with excellent absorbency which makes it particularly suitable for use as a phase insulation for electric motor windings. When used in...