Coiled Pipe Markers

Coiled Pipe Markers

Coiled Pipe Markers are a polyester molded identification strip, which are used to display information and can be applied on both interior and external pipe work. These Pipe Markers are screen printed to give a 5-7 year life span which is superior to digital print methods. They are extremely quick and easy to apply.

Coiled Pipe Markers can be made to your specifications and comply to national and international legislation.


  • Coiled self locating material
  • Keeps secure even on angled or vertical pipes.
  • Pipe surface needs no preparation before applying marker.
  • Perfect for dirty, rusty or sweeping pipes where conventional markers are unacceptable.
  • Coiled pipe markers comply to national and international legislation.



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Coiled Pipe Markers

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Coiled Pipe Markers

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