UK Manufactured Fire Sleeve

Fire Sleeve

Sleeve It Fire Sleeve is manufactured from 'E' glass fibre yarn knitted to form a sleeve and coated with high-grade silicone elastomer rubber.

Fire Sleeve is a very flexible sleeving designed to protect wires, cables, and hoses from high ambient temperatures. It will offer continuous protection at an operating temperature of 260°C and can withstand a molten metal splash at 1200°C.


  • High Flexibility
  • Continuous protection at an operating temperature of 260°C
  • Ability to withstand a molten metal splash at 1200°C
  • High resistant to most oils, hydraulic fluids, fuels, acids and alkalis
  • When exposed to flame the high grade rubber will form a protective SiO2 layer
  • Health & Safety - Provides personnel with protection against burns from hot hoses, stream lines etc.
  • Helps to reduce energy loss by retaining heat within pipe work
  • Excellent flame resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • MSHA certificated

Silver Fire sleeve manufactured in the UK CUSTOM COLOURS AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER



MSHA approved

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6mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 19mm 22mm 25mm 28mm 32mm 35mm 38mm 41mm 44mm 51mm 57mm 63mm 70mm 76mm 83mm 89mm 95mm 102mm 114mm 127mm

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Abrasion resistance
Very good
Average Dielectric Breakdown
Continuous Operating Temp °C
Flame resistance
Very good
Molten splash resistance
Water and oil resistance

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