Silicone Compound

Silicone Compound

Sleeve It Ltd offer a mixing service of Silicone compounds that can be supplied in sheet form for use in manufacture of composite structures. We can offer any quality you require; pre-catalysed with peroxide or platinum catalyst.

Specially formulated uncured silicone sheet for use as an intensifier in composite manufacture. Material will significantly increase mould pressure resulting in improved consolidation of end component. The material is supplied in sheet form and is available in a range of thickness's, colours and hardness.


Supplied in 5kg rolls

Any colour and most grades available ex stock.



Choose Diameter

Choose Colour

Continuous Operating Temp °C
180°C to 230°C
Max short term Temp °C
250°C to 290°C
Tensile Strength (cured) N/mm²
Elongation to break (cured)%
Tear Strength (cured) N/mm
Standard Shore Hardness
60° or 70°
Standard Thickness
Room Temperature
Shelf life @ Room Temp.
6 months
Vulcanisation conditions
10 min @ 125°C

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Silicone Compound

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