Flexguard Hose Burst Hook & Loop

Flexguard Hose Burst Hook & Loop

Flexguard hook & loop sleeve can be easily installed over hoses, cables, tubing or pipes. The urethane coating over nylon offers excellent resistance to abrasion, UV, moisture, chemicals, vibration.

The hook and loop closure system is ideal for retro fits, reducing installation labour time by up to 70%

Technical Description

Woven nylon sleeve with hook and loop closure.

Temperature Capabilities

Rated for 180°F (82°C)

Continuous exposure with excellent U.V. protection.

It has excellent moisture resistance which makes it ideal for use outdoors.

Oil and Fluid Resistance

Excellent water and oil resistance.

Dimensional data

Sizes range from 1”ID to 8”ID

Standard lengths available in 75ft and 150ft lengths.

Property data

Mullens Burst  PSI: 1500 plus

Hydro Mullens PSI: 120

Abrasion resistance: 100,000 cycles

Tear Test (lbs): Warp 14plus/Fill 14 plus

Cold Crack (40°F): PASS


Allow tolerance to install over hoses or cable.

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Flexguard Hose Burst Hook & Loop

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Flexguard Hose Burst Hook & Loop

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