Nomex Ara-Braid X

Nomex Ara-Braid X

Nomex Ara-Braid X is manufactured by braiding Nomex™ Yarn to produce a thin walled highly expandable braided sleeving structure. The ready ‘concertina’ action of the sleeve will expand the bore and thus assisting fitting over complex shapes.

This braided expandable sleeving is lightweight, flexible and  non-flammable, it will perform without deterioration in the most diverse and demanding environments.

Nomex Ara-Braid X expandable braided sleeving is oil and water repellent and also offers excellent resistance to gamma and x-rays.

Nomex Ara-Braid X is designed for the protection of wires and cable bundles against flame, high temperatures and mechanical abrasion. It is used on a variety of applications in the military, railway, marine, aeronautical and electrical equipment industries.

• 1: 3 expansion ratio
• Thin Wall
• Lightweight
• Self-extinguishing
• Excellent abrasion protection
• Low temperature flexibility to -60°C



Choose Diameter

4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 30mm

Choose Colour

Choose Length


Operation Temperature
-60°C to +240°C

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